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Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District visited Santiam Valley Ranch, August, 2009.
Ken gave the group a tour of the fish house and holding tank area. Folks marveled at the "tropical" colors of pumpkinseed fish, which includes purple, green and orange.










Folks hike to see a number of fish ponds and learn about native wetland vegetation, including Wapato potato (Sagittaria latifolia), narrow-leaved water-plantain (Alisma gramineum) and wool grass (Scirpus cyperinus).









Ken discusses predator problems, including this net over a pond which protects larger bass from hovering osprey overhead. Other predators can include: river otter, mink, Great blue heron, Green heron, Kingfisher, merganser and cormorant.










Folks tour the fish house and learn about fish maintenance and health using ozone and ultraviolet systems, along with biofilter systems.