On June 12, 2012, Santiam Valley Ranch welcomed dignitaries from Africa as part of the Women's Entrepreneurship dealing with agribusiness and aquaculture.  The exchanged was hosted by the International Visitor Program, World Affairs Council of Oregon. 

Visitors included:
Ms. Gwladys Constance Valerie Tawema from Benin, pioneering in shea butter for cosmetics marketed by Karethic.
Mrs. Francesca Brenda Opoku from Ghana, developing beauty products and marketed by Solution Oasis.
Mrs. Grace Mijiga Mhango from Malawi, managing Grain Traders and Processors Association.
Ms. Oyeboade Oyeronke Makinde from Nigeria, focusing on aquaculture and marketed by Terranova Royale Ltd.
Ms. Dorothy Eriksson from Zambia, focusing on fruit processing and marketed by Chankwakwa Natural Food.
Mrs. Namakau Likando from Zambia, focusing on organic herbal products, marketed by Lumuno Organic Farms
Jennifer Mock, Program Coordinator for International Visitor Program, World Affairs Council of Oregon.

Santiam Valley Ranch provided a tour of its aquaculture facility.  A great fest concluded our afternoon with fresh fruit, farm-raised leg of lamb, chicken with polenta, black beans and chili.  It was truly an event enjoyed by all.

The International Visitor Leadership Program is sponsored by U. S. Department of State to create mutual understanding between citizens of the U.S. and other nations.  Each year, 5,000 foreign visitors are identified by U.S. Embassies as future leaders in their countries, and enjoy the honor to partake in 22-day study tours in the U. S.  The World Affairs Council of Oregon, is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to broadening public understanding of international affairs.  For further information, learn more: