Role Played by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Residents of Washington must obtain a Fish Transportation Application/Permit from the Regional office in your area.  Cost is $24.  The permit relates to pond site parameters and approval of the source of fish. 
Santiam Valley Ranch is permitted to sell fish (with the exception of mosquito fish) in Regions 3 and 5.  Channel catfish are permitted in Regions 1-6.  Washington does not allow mosquito fish into the State of Washington for private pond stocking.

 For further information about regional offices and for a copy of the permit application, please access them at:

To purchase fish from Santiam Valley Ranch, please fax or send us a copy of your Fish Transportation Application/Permit.  We use your completed permit to obtain an Oregon Transportation Permit.  Both permits must accompany your fish while being shipped through Oregon and Washington.

Contact in Washington:      Joan Thomas, Washington Department of Fisheries
                                        Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
                                        115 General Administration Building
                                        Olympia, WA   97505