Role Played by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Fish that are to be released into waters of the State are regulated by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. Fish and aquatic organisms intended for aquarium use fall under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Department of Agriculture. 

In order to monitor where fish are stocked and, in some cases, to restrict stocking of introduced species, the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife requires that all fish transported within the State be accompanied by a "Fish Transportation Permit" ($12 permit fee). Failure to have a permit in your possession can result in confiscation of the fish and/or revocation of our fish propagation license!

It is critically important that Oregonians abide by restrictions established by ODF&W. Throughout the world, introduction of non-indigenous species has led to the destruction of native plants and animals and, in some cases, resulted in economic disasters for human enterprises. Introduced bullfrogs have managed to gobble-up or run-off most of Oregon's native amphibians. And pond turtles, plentiful just a few decades ago, have been reduced to a few isolated pockets due in part to destruction of habitat, voracious bullfrogs and, regrettably, introduced painted turtles. We encourage all our customers to accept the responsibility we share, as Oregonians, to protect our dwindling native species from unnecessary annihilation that oftentimes results from unintentional introduction of non-native or exotic species.

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife has developed information regarding stocking of fish in private ponds throughout Oregon. This information is based on watershed basins: As a fish propagator, our role is to take your order and submit it to ODF&W. The Regional Biologist for your county will review your permit request. It is their decision to allow or disallow fish in certain areas throughout the State.

For prohibited species, click on "Other" and visit OAR (Oregon Administrative Rules) Division 56 (under "Wildlife").  Prohibited fish include:  Bowfin, Piranha/Caribe, Walking Catfish, Oriental Weatherfish, Ide, Rudd, Gar, Snakehead, Round Goby, Ruffe, Zander/Pike-Perch, Pike/Pickerel.  Non-controlled species (no permit required) includes aquaria fish and live food fish.  For controlled species, an importation permit may be required.

ODF&W will allow importation of grass carp.  For more information, please see or contact Kevin Herkamp, or by phone:  503-947-6232.

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife has additional information regarding fish stocking in private ponds, including screening the pond and controlling excessive algae and other aquatic plants:

Contact in Oregon:        Guy Chilton, Fisheries Division
                                    Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
                                    3406 Cherry Ave., NE
                                    Salem, OR  97303