About this Web Page

 We get phone calls from pond and ornamental pond owners, and from aquaria and aquaponics enthusiasts from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California asking about fish, aquatic vegetation, water quality, pond construction requirements and much, much more.  Although we are not experts in everything, Kathy does have a degree in zoology and Ken is a practicing chemist, so maybe we can help or at least direct you to someone who can help.

Because we advertise in the Capital Press,  we receive phone calls from California and Idaho.  Santiam Valley Ranch is not certified in those states.  We have included information on how to access disease-free fish in those states in this web page.

We have established this web page to share information we gather about fish, aquatic pond environments, aquatic vegetation, resources, etc. Unfortunately, we discontinued our email due to thousands of spam messages. To learn more please contact us by phone: (503) 743-2931.


Caption for photo: Caricature of Kathy,
from Lorenzo E. Ghiglieri,
painter and sculptor, www.art-lorenzo.com

 Since we began selling fish in 1982, we have learned that people who are into fish are some of the nicest, most interesting people around. We have enjoyed getting to know so many fine people through the years--it has made our personal challenges and disasters not so noticeable as we move forward to try to meet your needs for information and fish. It has been our pleasure, indeed a great joy, to help those who share a common fascination with fish.